Flagship Beers


4.9% ABV

American Cream Ale - Dry / Crisp / Pale

Cousin Kevin:

5.9% ABV

American Pale Ale - Citrus / Pine / Biscuit


4.8% ABV

Irish Red Ale - Dry / Toasted / Toffee

Moon Juice:

6.8% ABV

New England IPA - Hazy / Fruity / Soft


Legg Up IPA:

7.2% ABV

New England IPA - Juicy / Pale / Fruity

Flamingo Parfait:

5.0% ABV

Fruit Kettle Sour - Strawberries / Cream / Vanilla


5.8% ABV

Bohemian Pilsner - Golden / Bread / Spicey

Happy Hobbit:

11.1% ABV

Belgian Strong Ale - Cherry / Black Currant / Caramel

Son of Angus

5.8% ABV

Irish Stout - Dry / Roasted / Nitro


Southern Tier Distilling:

35% ABV / Two Shots served over ice

Peanut Butter Cup Whiskey

Southern Tier Distilling:

15% ABV / Two Shots served over ice

Creme Brulee Whiskey Cream Liqueur

Vodka Whips Seltzer

Available in Orange and Wild Berry both 7.5% ABV

Right Coast Vodka Whips Seltzer

We also offer an assortment of NYS Wine, Cider, Seltzer, Canned Mixed Drinks, and Whisky

Food Sensitivity

Crooked Mouth Brewing is committed to having a Food and Drink Menu that can be enjoyed with Food Sensitivities.

We offer Gluten Reduced beers, as well as naturally Gluten Free NYS Cider, Wine, and Seltzer.

If anything on our Taproom Menu contains Dairy it will always be clearly labeled.